We appreciate your interest in the auction and endeavor to assist you in every way to make this process as smooth as possible.
Please feel free to contact us 800-729-6466 or info@soldoncompass.com. We look forward to assisting you.

Thank You,
Team Compass


CLICK HERE → Access Deposit Portal Now using a Credit Card or E-Check.

You can choose to submit your deposit using the ACH or Bank Wire options below.
Please use the following deadlines indicated for each option.

We highly recommend completing all bidder requirements at least 3 business days prior to the auction.
For information on submitting ACH or Bank Wire Deposit click button below. This will take you to a secure
E-signature page with the information to submit either a wire or ACH. This will require information from you
in order to refund the deposit in the appropriate timeframe.

ACH/Direct Deposit – If you choose to use ACH/Direct Deposit your registration must be completed at least
5 days in advance of the auction otherwise a bank wire is required.

Bank Wire – We suggest registration be completed at least 1 business day prior to the auction any registrations
after this time may not be processed in time for bidder approval.



Are Multiple Deposits Required To Bid On More Than 1 Property?

A $2,500 bidder deposit is required to bid in this auction. If you have an interest in bidding on multiple properties only 1 deposit is required in order to register for the auction. However, for each property that you are the winning bidder on an Earnest Money Deposit will be required for each property.

Can Certified Bank Check Funds Be Submitted?

A bank certified check can be submitted for the deposit. To use this option the check MUST be received and all other registration requirements met at least 7 days in advance of the auction date.

1. Register for the online auction

2. E-Sign terms and conditions

3. Certified Check received in office at least 7 days prior to the auction

Why Is There A Deposit Required?

Requiring a deposit insures that all registered bidders meet the criteria to be approved to bid in the auction and have the funds available to bid at the accepted level. A deposit also gives bidders peace of mind that they are bidding against individuals who are qualified and have met the levels of expectation to participate in the auction. Reducing fraudulent bidder activity and unfair bidding practices.

Is My Deposit Refundable?

Non-Winning Bidders– If you are a non-winning bidder your deposit will be refunded within 2 business banking days subject to any processing or handling fees.

Winning Bidders– If you are a winning bidder your deposit will be retained until USMS receives your Earnest Money Deposit (EMD). After confirmation of receipt of your EMD the bidder deposit will be refunded. Subject to processing or handling fees.

If you have placed a bid in the auction your deposit will only be refunded after the end of the auction.

How Long Does The Deposit Take?

Credit Card Deposits – Refunds of deposit generally occurs within 24 hours of auction.

E-Check / ACH /Bank Wire – Refunds are generally processed within 2 business banking days and subject to each individual banks processing time frames.

How Much Is The Earnest Money Deposit?

The earnest money deposit amount is 10% of the final bid amount or $2,500.00 whichever is greater.
Bidder approval access deposit is a completely separate transaction and will not be applied toward the earnest money deposit and is not interchangeable.

Is My Transaction Secure?

Yes. Compass uses currency pay to securely process all credit cards and E-Check transactions provide the highest level of security encryption for secure banking transactions.