Buying & Selling
Is Our Business

Whether you’re buying, selling, have never owned property or are an investment pro, we walk you through the entire process to achieve your real estate goals and get unbelievable results. 



Chattanooga & Nashville

Tennessee & Georgia

& Beyond

Compass serves the Chattanooga and Nashville, Tn area, Georgia, Southeastern region, and nationwide.

Outside Brokers/Affiliates


  • Adds a powerful selling tool for your business
  • Quick turn around and transparent process
  • Competitive bidding = higher commissions = more money!
  • Support your clients without losing any listings
  • Less demand on your time, and you know the day the property will sell


  • Strong marketing tools
  • Experienced, qualified, and professional staff to work with
  • Established company with status

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Commercial Industrial Warehouse


  • Quick turnaround and sellers know the day the property will sell
  • Eliminates carrying cost
  • Competitive bidding = higher commissions = more money!
  • “Sell As Is” – No expensive repairs
  • Fair and transparent process with less demand on your yime
  • Commercial, estates, liquidations


  • Advanced marketing
  • Professional asset management
  • Commercial, estates, liquidations
Residential Sellers


  • Buyers compete for your property
  • “Sell As Is” – No expensive repairs
  • Know the exact day your property sells
  • No Less intrusion of your daily life
  • Aggressive Marketing and pre-qualified buyers


  • No hassle- We take care of everything
  • Experienced company with established vendors
  • Large network of buyers
  • Trust us to represent you and your property well
Trustees Bank Lenders


  • Realize the true market value
  • Reduces liability from vandalism and damage
  • Less commission expenses
  • Quick turnaround & fast transaction
  • Eliminates holding cost


  • Trusted vendors
  • Experience you can rely and depend on
  • Repossessions, bankruptcies, estates, liquidations

How it Works

We walk you through the entire process


Get in touch

We understand that you may have more questions, and it’s our pleasure to assist you through the entire process. Take a look in the sections above and visit the Q&A areas of each section. It’s our goal to be  transparent and provide with you all the details you need to make the best decision when it comes to selling your property. 

Goal & Expectation Setting

Let’s face it- we can all have rose colored glasses on when it comes to selling our treasures. Our goal is to set appropriate and realistic expectations so that you know exactly what to expect and what is occurring each step of the way throughout the sales process. 

Showings & Offers

The less disruption in your life, the better. We plan ahead of time to eliminate any intrusion when selling real estate, with no frantic last minute cleanup, no packing up and leaving the property, or meeting to open up during your work day.


Working with established closing companies in the area can give you peace of mind that your most valuable asset is being handled professionally. When selling at auction, you must be pre-qualified and ready to close within 30-45 days or less for most real estate transactions.
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If you’re interested in working with our company, feel free to reach out. We are a growing business and would love to expand our team. 

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