Woodworking Optimat at Auction

Woodworking Optimat at Auction

This month, Compass is bringing a 2008 HOMAG woodworking optimat CNC-machining center to auction.

The optimat available at auction is a Model BOF-211/37/15/R. Its features include an aluminum matrix grid vacuum work table, two table vacuum work zones with foot controls, ceramic bearings with a coolant reservoir pump system, and more.

A full list of the optimat’s features, specifications, and pickup details can be found in its catalog listing here.

About HOMAG Group

HOMAG is a German woodworking manufacturing business that specializes in CNC machinery. The HOMAG Group has brought engineering solutions to business since 1960 and continues to manufacture specialized woodworking and CNC equipment today.

The CNC equipment produced by HOMAG is used to create products and structures like home and office furniture, flooring, windows, doors, staircases, prefab timber-frame buildings. HOMAG’s products range from individual machines for trade businesses to networked production lines.

The BOF-211 is part of the HOMAG BOF 200 series, a successor to the previous BOF 20 and BAZ 20 series. Unlike other models in its series, the BOF-211 includes a K-table and can be configured to fit 4 different table lengths between 3 and 6 meters.

Registration & Pre-Bidding Available Today

You can find the HOMAG woodworking optimat in Day 1 of January’s Monthly Auction. Register and pre-bid today before this auction begins to close on January 26th at 10am Eastern Time.

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