The Chevrolet M1009 CUCV is a favorite among outdoorsmen and military vehicle enthusiasts. This bad boy was built to navigate tough terrain and tow heavy loads. What makes this seemingly ordinary SUV so special? Let’s find out.

What Is A CUCV?

The Commercial Utility Cargo Vehicle (CUCV) is a converted civilian truck used for light military duties. Chances are if you were in the military police, range control, or maintenance you operated a vehicle in this class. For those of you who served recently, you might refer to this class of vehicle as Light Service Support Vehicles (LSSV). CUCVs were introduced in the mid-1970s to replace expensive cargo vehicles such as the 6×6 Gamma Goat and the quarter ton M151 jeep. Originally, Dodge D series trucks were used, but then Chevrolet C/K models were deployed in the mid-1980s.

CUCVs were used to provide support for soldiers on the frontline. They were used to transport troops and cargo, administer first aid, and relay communications. The windshield, cabin glass, and body panels are not bulletproof and can’t protect passengers from explosives. Because of this, many CUCV models were replaced by Humvees.

General Motors CUCVs

The 1980s CUCV was the first time General Motors manufactured a light military truck since World War II. The company went on to produce around 70,000 service vehicles. GM CUCVs were made in four body styles: pickup, utility, ambulance body, and chassis cab. The civilian Chevrolet K5 Blazer was upgraded to be used as the utility vehicle. Military personnel referred to the vehicle as the M1009.

1986 Chevy M1009 Specs

Even though this ex-military utility vehicle can’t shield you from ordinances, it is still powerful, nonetheless. For civilians, the M1009 is the perfect hunting and off-roading vehicle. The bare bones, no carpet interior will hold up strong against mud, animal fur, and the elements. Diesel heads are in for a treat because the M1009 hosts a 6.2L non-emission Detroit Diesel V8 engine – one of GM’s most powerful diesel engines. The truck uses 10-bolt axles in the front and rear and is charged by a 24-volt electrical system.

The Blazer available runs and drives and only has 6,291 miles. It is built true to its time with an automatic transmission, 4×4 drivetrain, and manual interior. The truck is in Chattanooga, TN and is sold on a TN title.

Bid For The Chevrolet M1009

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