Get Paid For Your Heavy Equipment In Less Than 10 Days

Compass Auctions pairs contractors and government municipalities with a dedicated salesperson that oversees every step of the consignment process. We list and market your equipment as well as arrange pickups with buyers so you don’t have to take time away from work. When your item sells, you’ll be paid within 10 business days.

We can help you sell:

  • construction equipment

  • paving equipment

  • industrial equipment

  • farming equipment

Get Listed As Soon As…

The end of the week! Hundreds of thousand of bidders are waiting to bid on your heavy equipment. With our weekly auctions and quick listing process, your heavy equipment can be included in the next heavy equipment auction.

Visit our auction calendar to view upcoming auctions.

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Why Consign With Compass?

Compass Puts You First

Have you ever felt out of the loop when working with another business? With us, you’ll get

  • a dedicated salesperson
  • open & honest communication

Get Your Money Faster

Need some extra cash to cover expenses? With us, you have access to 

  • multiple weekly auctions
  • 15 day turnaround time
  • payments settled within 10 business days

Sell-In Place Options

Don’t have time to come to us? Can’t spare the transportation costs? No problem! We’ll

  • come to you to catalog your equipment
  • arrange previews, pickups, and shipping with buyers
CAT excavator - sell heavy equipment

Selling at Auction

Whether you’re a contractor who just finished a project or its time to turn off your machines permanently, selling your heavy equipment with Compass Auctions gives you the flexibility and peace of mind needed to “set it and forget it”, so you can get everything on your busy schedule done.

Auctions allow you to…

  • choose how much you want to be paid for your equipment by setting a reserve
  • anticipate when your equipment will sell thanks to scheduled auctions
  • reach a broader audience without having to pay for marketing
  • concentrate on your next job knowing that your used equipment will be sold

Years of Auction Experience

of thousands of bidders

Concierge Level of Service

When you choose to sell your heavy equipment with Compass Auctions, we take care of everything for you. Things we do:

  • Catalog and list your equipment
  • Arrange previews, load outs, and shipping with buyers
  • Advertise your equipment using our nationwide marketing strategy

Great selection, great people!

If auctions are your thing… this is the place. I love Compass great selection and the people are great.

Ricky J


Great People!

Great group of people to deal with. I’ve purchased and sold items. Excellent!!

Mr. B


Fantastic Company!

Fantastic company run by fantastic people!

Zeke A.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I sell with Compass?
  • We’re the fastest and easiest way to get your items sold.  
  • Our nationwide marketing strategy provides the most exposure for your item, increasing the chances of your items selling.
  • We offer a concierge level of service to make the process as simple as possible. We list and market your items, schedule previews, and loadouts, and handle shipping coordination, so you don’t have to. All you have to do is wait for your check to be sent to you. We also offer sell-in-place options, so you don’t have to worry about logistics and transportation costs.  
  • You will also be paired with a dedicated salesperson that will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the selling process and keep you updated through the auction. 
What are the chances that my property will be sold?
We have a targeted, nationwide marketing strategy that gets your items and equipment in front of the right people. Our strategy allows us to sell 80-90% of what is in our catalogs each week. So, you’re chances of making a sell are very high. 
Do you charge any extra fees?
We are transparent with our fee structure. Each sale is different, your sales rep will be happy to give you more information about how much you will be charged.
How much do you charge to move items and equipment to your website?
Each deal is different that best fits your needs. Your sales rep will be able to give you an exact quote. 
I read that you guys were in Chattanooga. My business is in another state, can we still work together?
  • Yes! You’re never required to come into our office. Our salespeople come to you, our catalog team comes to you, and our front office schedules pickups with buyers that work for you.  
  • We also have sell-in-place options, so you don’t have to worry about transporting your items and equipment to our warehouse. 
Do I have to pay to list with Compass even if my items don't sell?
No, if the items don’t sell in the first auction, we can list them in a different auction. We don’t charge to list items. 

About Compass Auctions

Compass Auctions and Real Estate hosts monthly auctions featuring heavy equipment, firearms and ammo, industrial equipment, vehicles, jewelry and collectibles, and restaurant equipment.