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Knock it down. Clean it up. Build it up again. Heavy equipment makes way for roads, businesses, homes, and communities. The next-big-thing doesn’t happen without a good push. We’ve got a yard-full of machines ready for the challenge.

If you’re looking to buy or sell heavy equipment, you’re in the right place. Heavy equipment for sale at auction – from excavators, graders and bulldozers to dump trucks, lifts and loaders. Compass works with top manufacturers and equipment providers to bring you the best selection
at the best prices. 

Call 800-729-6466 for heavy equipment auction and consignment info, or follow the links below for the latest in auction news. 

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When you consign with Compass, we handle everything from marketing and transactions to load-outs and shipping. By promoting our entire  inventory to a national audience of competing bidders, we enable strong sales to an always eager to bid group of buyers.

heavy equipment auction excavator
heavy equipment auction road grader
heavy equipment auction caterpillar D6 bulldozer
We offer consultations and opinions of value in order to give you all the facts you need before selling. Once contracted, we will market your property and assets via online marketing services, local print advertising, social media, email, nationwide networking, and more. Our staff has training and experience with marketing real estate and assets of all shapes and sizes, so feel confident that Compass gets your assets marketed to the right buyers in a professional manner.

Be comfortable when selling your items with Compass Auction & Real Estate. Auctions offer a competitive bid process that allows almost everyone to participate. This allows your assets much more exposure than they would receive through traditional marketing. Here at Compass, our 38 years of combined experience in the auction world gives us the tools and resources to do the job well. We will be fair, honest, and completely transparent. Our staff will be available to you throughout the entire process. Most asset-based auctions will be settled out within 10 business days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I sell with Compass?
  • We’re the fastest and easiest way to get your items sold.  
  • Our nationwide marketing strategy provides the most exposure for your item, increasing the chances of your items selling.
  • We offer a concierge level of service to make the process as simple as possible. We list and market your items, schedule previews, and loadouts, and handle shipping coordination, so you don’t have to. All you have to do is wait for your check to be sent to you. We also offer sell-in-place options, so you don’t have to worry about logistics and transportation costs.  
  • You will also be paired with a dedicated salesperson that will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the selling process and keep you updated through the auction. 
What are the chances that my property will be sold?
We have a targeted, nationwide marketing strategy that gets your items and equipment in front of the right people. Our strategy allows us to sell 80-90% of what is in our catalogs each week. So, you’re chances of making a sell are very high. 
Do you charge any extra fees?
We are transparent with our fee structure. Each sale is different, your sales rep will be happy to give you more information about how much you will be charged.
How much do you charge to move items and equipment to your website?
Each deal is different that best fits your needs. Your sales rep will be able to give you an exact quote. 
I read that you guys were in Chattanooga. My business is in another state, can we still work together?
  • Yes! You’re never required to come into our office. Our salespeople come to you, our catalog team comes to you, and our front office schedules pickups with buyers that work for you.  
  • We also have sell-in-place options, so you don’t have to worry about transporting your items and equipment to our warehouse. 
Do I have to pay to list with Compass even if my items don't sell?
No, if the items don’t sell in the first auction, we can list them in a different auction. We don’t charge to list items.