Selling at Auction

Historians cite auctions as the oldest means of selling in human history, dating as far back as 500 BC. Auctions provide a place for capitalism to flourish in its basest form, as it has since the development of money. At auctions, supply and demand truly interact; buyers determine the demand, and sellers determine a supply. This competition shows the true market value of an item. Prices at auction are determined by fair-market competition. On a more personal note, auctions give you the chance to sell your items – be it real estate, heavy equipment, tools, and personal property – on a certain date. No more waiting, no more listing, no more spending your time marketing! Auctions take care of all of those things, and Compass can help you in that endeavor.

We offer consultations and opinions of value in order to give you all the facts you need before selling. Once contracted, we will market your property and assets via online marketing services, local print advertising, social media, email, nationwide networking, and more. Our staff has training and experience with marketing real estate and assets of all shapes and sizes, so feel confident that Compass gets your real estate and assets marketed to the right buyers in a professional manner.

Be comfortable when selling your items with Compass Auction & Real Estate. Auctions offer a competitive bid process that allows for almost everyone to participate. This allows your real estate and assets much more exposure than they would receive through traditional marketing. Here at Compass, our 38 years combined experience in the auction world gives us the tools and resources to do the job well. We will be fair, honest, and completely transparent. Our staff will be available to you throughout the entire process. Most asset-based auctions will be settled out within 10 business days, and most real estate auctions closed and funded within 30 days.

Let Compass field the calls, do the showing, and answer the emails.
Compass Auctions & Real Estate does C.A.R.E.