Buying & Selling
Is Our Business


Whether selling using the auction method or by traditional listing, take a look at how Compass can work with you to accomplish unbelievable results. 

Whether your are looking for your first home or your forever home, we can walk you through every step of the buying process.



Chattanooga & Nashville

Tennessee & Georgia

& Beyond

Compass serves the Chattanooga and Nashville, Tn area, Georgia, Southeastern region, and nationwide.


  • Make Your Commission
  • Add Auctions to your “ToolKit”.
  • Support Your Clients
  • Don’t Lose Any Listings
  • Make More Money
  • Less Demand On Your Time
  • Pre-Qualified Buyers
  • Competitive Bidding Equals Higher Commissions
  • Know The Day The Property Will Sale
  • Quick Turn Around Time
  • Completely Transparent Process
  • Powerful Selling Tool For Your Business
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Residential Sellers

  • Auction vs. Traditional Sales
  • Buyers Compete For Your Property
  • “Sell As Is” No Expensive Repairs 
  • Know The Exact Day Your Property Sales
  • Less Intrusion In Your Daily Life
  • Pre-Qualified Buyers
  • No Haggling or Hassles
  • Aggressive Marketing = More Buyers
  • Eliminate Holding Costs, Taxes, Repairs
  • Less Commission Expense, Potential To Surpass Price Expectations
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Commercial Industrial Warehouse

  • Auction vs. Traditional
  • Quick Turnaround
  • Brokers Make Their Commission
  • Sellers Know The Day Property Will Sale
  • Eliminates Carrying Cost
  • Pre-Qualified Buyers
  • Fair and Transparent Process
  • “Sell As Is” No Expensive Repairs 
  • CIW (In Progress) Contact Us

Trustees Banks Lenders

  • Auction vs Traditional
  • Realizing True Market Value
  • Quick Turnaround
  • Eliminates Holding Cost
  • Reduces Liability From Vandalism and Damage
  • Less Commission Expense
  • TBL Area (In Progress) Contact Us

How it Works

We’ll walk you through the entire process


Get in touch

We understand that you may have more questions and its our pleasure to assist you through the entire process. Take a look in the sections above and visit the Q&A areas of each section. It’s our goal to be  transparent and provide with you all the details you need to make the best decision when it comes to selling your property. 

Goal & Expectation Setting

Let’s face it we can all have rose colored glasses on when it comes to selling our treasures. Our goal is to set appropriate and realistic expectations so that you know exactly what to expect and what is occurring each step of the way throughout the sales process. 

Showings & Offers

The less disruption in your life the better. Having set dates that your property is previewed eliminates so much stress when it comes to selling your real estate. No frantic last minute clean up, no having to pack up and leave the property, or meet to open up during your work day. Planning ahead of time can eliminate the daily intrusion that so many people experience when selling real estate. 


Working with established closing companies in the area can give you peace of mind, that your most valuable asset is being handled professionally and can potentially avoid any issues when it comes to closing. When selling at auction buyers have to be pre-qualified and ready to close within 30-45 days or less for most real estate transactions.

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Have Stuff?


One of the top things we hear from people is
What do I do with all this stuff? 
Can you Relate? Do you have STUFF? 
Do you wish that one company could handle it all?
That is what sets Compass apart. We can!
As an auction and real estate company we can assist with the sale of all that stuff. You now have one company that can handle it all start to finish. 
To reduce your stress level, Click here to find out more about our auction services. 
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