SHOT show was held in Las Vegas this year and it did not disappoint! In this article we’ll look at what the SHOT Show is, the news that came out of the event, and some new guns and tactical items we have to look forward to this year.

What is SHOT show?

SHOT is an acronym for Shooting, Hunting, and Outdoor Trade fair. SHOT Show is an annual 4-day convention that provides an environment for commercial buyers and sellers of military, law enforcement, and tactical services and products. It is the largest trade show of its kind.

Attendance for the convention is restricted to commercial and military buyers however, the items on display are available for both commercial and civilian purchase.

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Businesses from across the nation and more than 100 countries gather to network and showcase new products. The show includes exhibits meant to introduce products such as firearms, ammo, outdoor apparel, optics, and more.

4 Cool Things Revealed at SHOT Show 2023

There’s a lot of new developments in the firearms and sportsman world this year. As a brief overview, we’ll look at a few of the most interesting guns and survival items from the lineup. You can view all the newly listed items in the January issue of SHOT Daily.

SafariVault Holster on man's hip

Photo Courtesy of the Firearms Blog

SafariVault Holster

This heavy-duty holster from SafariLand is designed to reduced unintentional gun grabs. SafariLand claims that the SafariVault Holster is the strongest holster body that has ever been built. It is crush resistant up to 300lbs and can tolerate impacts and twists from any direction.

The holster has an open muzzle design and an open optic cover that fits open and closed pistol optics. The enhanced ALS system prevents your gun from moving around the holster making it easier to draw and reholster.  The SafariVault will be available in the Spring.

TriStar LR 94

Level action shotguns are not new, but this the first time the configuration has been applied to the Winchester 94. That’s right, “the gun that won the west” just got a major upgrade! The lever action shotgun structure is strategically integrated into the traditional Model 94 design.

The top opens to eject cartridges allowing you to access the loading port. When the gun is empty, you can do a classic port load. The LR94 has a capacity of 5 2.5” shells. It was built with a rebounding hammer and two safeties – one at the top of the bolt and the other on the bottom of the tang. The LR94 comes in three finishes and is available for sale now.

tri-star lr 94 in front of wooden background

Photo Courtesy of ADELBRIDGE & CO.

POF-USA Tombstone 9mm

Coming in at just 6 pounds, the POF Tombstone might just be one of the oddest guns shown at the SHOT show this year. This lever action rifle is chambered in 9mm, which isn’t the kind of bullet you’d normally find in a lever rifle. That’s because 9mm cartridges are rimless and would get stuck in the gun’s magazine tube. The people over at POF were able to fix the issue of the bullets jamming by designing the Tombstone to be fed from a box magazine. In fact, they used the same magazine found on their large format Phoenix series pistols.

Aside from the caliber and magazine type, the Tombstone has all the features you’d expect from a tactical rife. Features of the Tombstone include:

  • A 10.5” M-LOK Rail
  • 12X28 Threaded Muzzle Double Port Break
  • 5lb Single Stage Trigger
  • Short Throw Action
  • Over Sized Lever Loop

The next SHOT Show event is scheduled for January 23-26, 2024, at the Venetian Expo and Caesars Forum in Las Vegas, Nevada. We’re looking forward to hearing about all of the exhibits in next year’s trade show.

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