Are you looking for new services to offer your customers? Consider custom reloading services. There are a lot of revenue streams you can add to your business when you learn reloading.

You’ll be able to recycle empty cases during a shortage and load calibers that are difficult to find. Also, many gun enthusiasts want to get the most accuracy out of their firearms. By offering reloading services, you can help them achieve their goals. And, when you are an expert, you will be able to offer ammunition reloading classes.

If you want to learn more about the process of reloading, keep reading for a beginner’s step-by-step guide.

What is needed for reloading ammo?

As you may know, there are four major components of a bullet – the brass, the primer, the powder, and the projectile. Here’s what else you’ll need.

Essential Reloading Supplies

  • dies
  • shell holders
  • a case trimmer
  • case lubricant
  • case-loading block
  • powder measure
  • powder scales
  • powder funnel
  • a press
  • reloading manual

How To Reload Ammo


1. Inspect & Wash the Brass – Check each case for deformities and splits. Wipe off any dirt and grime that has accumulated. Throw away all defective cases.

2. Prepare The Cases – Lubricate the cases so they won’t get stuck in the sizing die.

3. Put the shell holder and sizing die into the press.

4. Expand the Mouth – Insert the case in the press to resize, decap, and expand the mouth.

5. Trim the Case – When you fire a round the case lengthens beyond safe limits. If needed, trim the cartridge to the length specified in your manual.

Pro-tip: Pick up a reloading manual from the manufacturer of the bullets you want to use. The manual will give you precise measurements and ballistics information

6. Chamber & Debur – If you had to trim the case, make sure you chamber and debur it. This will help the bullet sit in the case correctly. Clean the primer pocket if needed.

7. Prime The Brass – Using your press, place the proper primer size as specified by the manual into the case

8. Weigh The Powder – Consult your reloading manual before you pour the powder into the case. The manual will tell you what type of powder and how much powder to use in your cartridges.

9. Seat The Projectile – Thread the seater die into the press and adjust for proper seating depth. Again, check your manual to make sure you are seating the projectile properly.

10. Time To Shoot – Your cartridges are ready! Go out and test how accurate your shots are. Keep detailed records so you can make adjustments as needed

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