An Irish Goodbye 

The Honest Pint is gone. No, it didn’t disappear in the middle of a party in true Irish fashion. UTC students’ beloved brothel door bearing pub is shutting down after 13 years of business. Most of the people on our marketing team remember the Honest Pint for what it truly was – unique. 

Our graphic designer, Joe, told us about a time that he got roasted by a fabulous queen for drawing in the middle of the bar on bingo night. Nes, our marketing manager, described the pub as the perfect place to chill with friends after late nights in the art studio. We all bonded over our first time tasting Irish food and meeting new people while waiting for a turn at the pool table. 

Also, if you thought trekking across the Compass warehouse to get to the bathrooms was scary, then you’ve probably never hiked down the Honest Pint’s steep basement stairs after a few rounds. Our bathrooms are better though because they don’t have “for fun” ads scribbled in Sharpie on the stall walls. 

The Honest Pint will be remembered for its themed nights like karaoke, Indy band takeovers, heavy metal night, and drag bingo. 

Cheers to the Honest Pint! Thank you for a great time. 🍻 

honest pint pub at auction

Honest Pint Pub at Auction

Do you want a piece of the Honest Pint that you can cherish forever? The owners of the Honest Pint are partnering with Compass Auctions to auction items from the pub including:

  • Pool tables, 
  • Dart boards, 
  • Bar signs, 
  • Furniture, 
  • Commercial kitchen equipment. 

Pre-bidding for the auction is open now. Final bids will be accepted starting June 7 @ 10am ET. The auction is online only and is open to the public. If you have any questions about the auction or any of the auction items, give us a call at 800-729-6466 or email