Compass works with multiple construction and job surplus vendors monthly. One of those vendors is F&M Mafco. F&M Mafco is a family-owned and operated construction equipment services group focused on the full range of heavy equipment needs. Offering both in-shop and in-the-field repairs, with over 70 years in the business, Mafco delivers innovative, reliable and cost-effective solutions. Along with their repair services, Mafco supplies tools and equipment for industrial organizations, as well as their supply needs, ranging from tool rental, sales, and repair resource management 24/7, 365. These items become the job surplus that Compass brings to its bidders.

F&M Mafco’s top tier items are consistently featured in Compass’ Mid-month, Day 1 and Day 2 Auctions. Top brands like Milwaukee, Rigid, Dewalt, Metabo, 3M, Jet and others can be found and bid on every month. Pneumatic tools to electric, battery-powered to heavy industrial, even ladders, hammers and rigging equipment—on-the-job professionals can discover their next great find in our Mid-month, Day 1 and Day 2 Auctions. Compass auctions the F&M Mafco merchandise from its Chattanooga facility, as well as the Cincinnati Mafco Warehouse.

Compass is also accepting industrial and construction lots from consignors. If you are a purchaser or a contractor who just finished a job and are looking to pass along your tools, or if you are looking to liquidate your business, Compass has the ability to help you find the right buyers at the right time for your particular equipment.

Compass Auctions & Real Estate specializes in auctions for the industrial sector, vehicles and heavy equipment, municipal and government entities, luxury goods, firearms and ammunition, and real estate. To learn more about our Day 1 and Day 2 Auctions and other auction opportunities, please visit or call 800-729-6466 to schedule a tour of its facility.