Compass Celebrates Second Amendment with Independence Day Weekend Firearms Auction

Two Hundred and Forty-Five years ago, a group of citizens decided that they would no longer adhere to the tyrannical orders of a king from the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. This year, to celebrate these citizens and America’s (our) Independence, we have built an auction that will consist of ONLY firearms.

Our great country was born with firearms as a part of its fabric. Coming through the trials and tribulations of the last year, we thought it was fitting to celebrate with an auction of just guns.

Help us legally celebrate every American’s 2nd Amendment Rights by participating in our auction of the most diverse selection of firearms Compass has ever offered.

This auction includes Civil War Relics, World War I era Firearms, Modern Day Carry Pistols, Hunting Rifles, Shotguns, Armalite Rifle 15’s, and everything in between.  Law Enforcement Confiscated and Seizure Firearms will also be available in this auction.

Please be our guest and join us at 11 am ET for a 4th of July BBQ lunch to celebrate our Independence Day and preview any of our auction items that you would like to bid on.  Bidding will begin promptly at 12 pm ET live (in-person and online).  For those that are unable to attend our event on Saturday, please come in anytime on Friday, July 2, to preview and handle anything you may have interest in bidding on.

Sincere thanks for your interest in Compass, and have a happy and safe Independence Day!

View the event page with links to catalog and registration here.

Pre-Bidding Opens 6/20/2021 @ 12:00 pm ET.
Bidding Begins Closing 7/03/2021 Starting @ 12:00 pm ET.

Check out this super video from Black Rifle Coffee Co.! They take patriotic displays to the next level!!