multiple colorful fishing lures

Lures are artificial bait used to catch fish. The difference between a nibble and a catch is a quality lure. Companies that manufacture lures make them taste, smell, and look like live bait. With such attention to detail, there’s a lure for every fish species, every weather scenario, and every setting. If you go to a sporting goods store, you will see how specific lures can get. Hopefully this guide will help you familiarize yourself with some of the most common types of fishing lures for the next time you go shopping for fishing supplies.  

Most Common Fishing Lures 


There is a special fishing technique called fly fishing. The lure is super light and is cast onto the water by the weight of the specialty fly fishing line. There are two types of flies – dry and wet. A dry fly sits on the surface of the water and resembles a landed flying insect. Wet flies are made to float just below the surface of water and mimic drowned insects. In this lot you will find an assortment of fly fishing gear to help you prepare for your next fishing trip.  

Soft Plastics  

Soft plastic lures are rubber baits that look like minnows, worms, crawfish, and lizards. You can use them along with jigs or, on their own, to catch bass and other saltwater fish. Make sure you use plastic lures that look natural, depending on the weather and water clarity. A bright lure is ideal on a sunny day. Fish won’t be looking for a big meal if it’s chilly outside, so use a smaller lure. Having a variety of soft plastics on hand, like the ones in this lot, is a good idea because you never know which one you’ll need.  


Spinnerbait lures are a great way to test the fish’s temperament when you first get out on the water. The weighted head in the lure allows the line to be cast far out and the spinners give off vibrations and flashes that cause the fish to hunt it down. To get a feel for the energy level of the fish, retrieve the line quickly to see if they will chase it. If they don’t react, allow the lure to sink to them to catch their attention. There are some spinnerbait lures in the catalog 


Jigs are weighted devices that are used with other lures to catch bottom feeders such as bass. A jig has a weighted ball on one end and a hook on the other. Worms and other soft plastics are used to make the jig look pretty. This lure also has its own fishing technique called jigging. Jigging involves letting the lure sink until the fishing line is slack and then slightly lifting the rod up and down in a rhythmic motion. We have jigs and soft bait in the catalog. 

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