What Is a Crawler Carrier?

The Terramac crawler carrier is a rubber tracked off road vehicle built with added torque, high traction, and low ground pressure. Crawlers were engineered to travel on uneven, steep, and wet terrains with ease while minimizing ground damage. Crawler carriers are often used in landfills, on construction sites, on farms and other places that require low ground disturbance.

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4 Uses for A Crawler Carrier

Terramac Crawler Carriers can be customized with a wide range of attachments. Here’s a list of the 4 most common uses for a crawler carrier and the attachments that make any possible.

Hauling Materials & Transporting Crew

Their low ground pressure rating makes crawler carriers perfect for moving heavy loads across terrain that other vehicles would get stuck in. The flatbed body of a crawler carrier makes it easy to transport small equipment and job supplies across sensitive, rough, soft, and steep terrain.

Up to 25 crew members can be transported safely to and from the job site with a personnel carrier attachment. To keep your crew comfortable, personnel carriers have designated tool spaces, seat belts, and heat.

Landfill & Waste Management

According to the EPA, landfills are required to lay geotextile fabric to protect the ground from environmental damage, prevent blowing, and reduce odor. In landfills, rubber crawler carriers are used because they can navigate soft and sloping terrain without leaving a trace. They can also be customized with a roller system to lay the geotextile fabric.

Land Restoration

Heavy traffic from equipment and workers on a job site can leave tracks on the ground. After the job is done, you’ll need to restore the land to its original state. By outfitting your crawler with a hydroseed attachment you’ll be able to seed, fertilize, and mulch all at once. After you’re done, there won’t be much evidence your crew was ever there.

Trailer Hitch

A fifth wheel hitch will allow you to tow a trailer through remote landscapes and over rough terrain. It’s suitable for hauling utility poles, trailers for disaster clean up, and more. Each crawler carrier comes with a Cummins engine that delivers maximum torque and power to keep it moving.

Terramac Crawler Carriers for Auction

Are you ready to add a crawler carrier to your equipment lineup? Compass Auctions’ October Day 1 Auction will include two Terramac crawler carriers with low hours.

2020 Terramac Crawler Carrier RT14

  • 1,697 Hours
  • 32” Rubber Tracks
  • 13’ 7” Flatbed Dump Body
  • Rear View Camera
  • Located in Ringgold, GA

2015 Terramac Crawler Carrier RT9

  • 2,823 Hours
  • 28” Rubber Tracks
  • 10’ 6” Flatbed Dump Body
  • Located in Ringgold, GA

You can find both carriers in the Day 1 Auction catalog alongside an assortment of other heavy equipment, work trucks, and industrial tools. Pre-bidding is open now! The auction begins closing on October 26 @ 10 am ET. For more information on how to register and bid, check out our Auction Crash Course! If you have any questions about any of our auction items, feel free to give us a call at 800-729-6466 or email us at info@soldoncompass.com.

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