5 Things Every Gun Owner Should Know About Storing Ammo


Many gun owners are obsessive about storing their guns. They spend money and time on high quality cases and safes to protect them without thinking about their gun’s accessories. Did you know your ammo deserves the same care and attention as your guns?

Because the price of ammo has spiked, you may be considering buying in bulk. If you can afford to buy a stockpile of ammo, you should take the time to store it properly otherwise your investment will become worthless.

Here are 5 FAQs about storing ammo.

Can ammo expire?

Yes. Ammo has a shelf life of about ten years. If you use old ammo, or any ammo that is otherwise compromised, you risk ruining your gun. You could also get seriously injured if you shoot expired ammo.

How much ammo do I need to store?

It depends on what you intend on doing with it. For example, someone who goes to the range regularly would need more ammo on hand than someone who only uses their weapon for self-defense.

What happens if my ammo gets wet?

It will go bad quicker. Water corrodes the casings, primers, and bullets that make up each round. Store your ammo on high shelves or in cabinets. This way if your garage, basement, or shed gets flooded your ammo will be up and out of the way.

Will ammo explode in a fire?

If your home or storage spaces catches fire, it can cause your stored ammo to explode. The larger the caliber, the more explosive it is.

Can ammo be stored in a garage?

Yes, if you do it right. A lot of people choose to keep their stock of ammo in their garage, basement, or shed. The problem with that is these areas are humid and moist. Ammo should be stored in a cool, dark, dry, location.  

Extreme temperature swings will dramatically decrease the integrity of your ammo. If you keep your rounds in a location that goes from 100 to 0 degrees throughout the year, your ammo won’t survive. Also, high temperatures lead to humidity. Humidity can cause your ammo to rust and corrode.

Don’t bury your ammo! The water and pH level of the soil will corrode any container you bury and will ruin your ammo.

Over time, the ballistics and physical condition of your ammo will decrease. To slow the deterioration of your ammo, the best place to keep it is in an ammo can. They are specifically designed to protect your ammo from heat and humidity. The Ammo & Accessories auction is scheduled for September 30 @ 6pm ET. You’ll be able to pick up 30 caliber ammo cans and any type of rounds you need including some from Winchester, Maxx Tech, and Remington. Pre-bidding is open now!

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