Ammo Auctions

Did you know that when you bid on Compass’ ammo auctions, there’s no rules limiting you to just one or two boxes?

Compass ammo auctions are a great way to find popular types of ammo. Our August Ammo & Accessories auction has more than 10,000 rounds of 9mm, 3,300 rounds of Winchester 5.56, almost 3,000 rounds of 223, and almost 1,000 rounds of 40 ammo.

If you want to take a look at our ammo for yourself, give Compass a visit. Swing by on weekdays between 8 and 5 and check out a box of unsealed ammo before you bid.

With Compass’ online auctions, you can bid without leaving your home. If you don’t want to pick it up in person, we can ship it to you — just make sure to look up your local and state laws first.

Compass conducts an Ammo & Accessories Auction at least once a month. They begin to close on every second or third Monday.

Catalogs for Ammo & Accessories Auctions are usually complete before pre-bidding opens, but check back just in case we add more lots.

Look no further for black powder, buckshot, muzzleloaders, and more!

Compass’ August Ammo & Accessories Auction begins to close Monday at 6 pm ET. For more information about our ammo auctions, email or call 800-729-6466.