Mid-Month Auctions

Each month, Compass completes at least a dozen auctions. Our biggest events tend to happen at month’s end, but what about our Mid-Month Auctions?

In the middle of each month, Compass conducts its Mid-Month Auctions that begin to close on Wednesdays.

Mid-month auctions are usually one-day events, but this month our inventory is so huge that we’ve split the auction into two days.

Compass has a history of presenting auctions with an industrial and contractor focus. Mid-month selections tends to follow this tradition.

Our selection for mid-month includes all kinds of building materials, contractor equipment, appliances, rigging equipment, power tools, and other used goods in fair condition.

If you own too much equipment, Compass’ auctions are a great way to sell off your surplus. At Compass, if you need it, we’ve got it, and if you don’t want it, we’ll sell it!

Consignment with Compass is easy, and you can trust our professional staff to take care of your items every step of the way.

Mid-month auctions are also a great place to find reliable equipment. Check out our catalog to get an idea of what items are in, and stay updated in case new lots get added before the auction closes.

Bidding for Compass’ August Mid-Month Auction begins to close live online today, August 11 @ 10 am ET. For more information, email Info@soldoncompass.com or call 800-729-6466.