car driving into pothole

Picture it, a sunny Saturday afternoon. You spent the day out on the lake with your family. After you get everything packed into the car, you decide it would be a good idea to treat your partner and the kiddos to some ice cream. Cookies ‘n Cream, of course. On your way to ice cream everything is picture perfect. You got some tunes playing, the kids are happy, everything is going great until… BAM! 

You smash into a pothole so hard you accidentally swerve into the curb. Everyone is screaming. You yell, “where did that come from?!” You get out the car to find that not only is your tire flat but the impact of hitting the sidewalk crushed the rim of your tire. 

Sadly, this type of thing happens all the time. There is an estimated 55 million potholes blemishing the nation’s roads. AAA reports that drivers in America spend a total of $3 billion a year fixing damage caused by potholes. For some the cost is greater than any monetary value. AAA also states that about 11,000 accidents caused by potholes resulted in fatalities.  

Paving Equipment at Auction 

We appreciate the orange safety vest wearing men and women who work hard to make driving safer by maintaining our roads. It certainly can’t be an easy job especially with the work hazards and, in some cases, lack of resources. Though we can’t force people to slow down and move over, if you’re in the pavement business we CAN help you to acquire the equipment needed to get your job done. If you’re the purchasing agent for your company or would like to inspect any of these items, let us know so we can schedule that activity for you! Our June Day 1 auction will include a Lee Boy Paver 1000 C-8, a Dynapac Double Drum Vibratory Roller CC122 12 Series, a Lee Boy Tuck Wagon, and a Blaw-Knox Paver PF180H. The auction starts on June 29 at 10am ET and pre-bidding opens June 15 at 10am ET. You can check out the full catalog here. While you’re there, check out the other heavy equipment available for auction.  

 P.S. We at Compass Auctions brake in work zones. Safety first! 

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