Recently Compass had the great pleasure of working with two incredible organizations — the iconic American brand, Indian Motorcycle, and an innovative charity organization, Motorcycle Missions (MM), which focuses on helping military vets and first-responders recover from PTSD.

On the block was two very special bikes custom built by two MM teams: Team Austin and Team Dallas. Both bikes started off as stock Indian Chief Darkhorse motorcycles (donated by Indian Motorcycles). Working with MM and founder, Krystal Hess, each team stripped down the bikes and recreated them as must-see, completely one-of-a-kind works of art. See the bikes here (

In an interview with, Hess says the participants learn to cope with the effects of PTSD through what she calls “Motorcycle Therapy.”

“On the battlefield, they’re taught to move, shoot, and communicate,” Hess explains. “When they come home they don’t have that focus, they don’t have that mission anymore.”

At MM, she says, participants gain a new sense of “mission” through team work and collaboration.

At the auction event — held during Sturgis Bike Week (Sturgis,SD) and webcast nationally via the Compass Auctions website — that collaboration paid off big. A lively session of bidding led to a final tally of $69,000 — with winning bids of $28,000 for Team Dallas’ bike and $41,000 for Team Austin’s bike. 

“The auction raised a lot of money and created a ton of awareness for a really important cause,” says Compass Auctions President Paige Holt. “These men and women put their lives at risk for ALL of us. Knowing that the evening’s proceeds are going to help in their recovery makes the success so much sweeter.”

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Indian Motorcycles, Motorcycle Missions and Compass Auctions are currently planning for future auction events. Check back for more info and updates coming soon.

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