Kid Auctioneers Perform in Spokane


Watch the Kid and Baby Auctioneers in Action from Spokane, Washington! There was stiff competition, but all of the kids did great! Natural-born bid-callers, for sure! Who wouldn’t buy from them?


The NAA Convention is a great time for auction companies to learn and focus their companies on growth and success. The auction companies work hard – 12 hour days in class are the norm. But at the end of the show, we all sit back and watch what’s truly important – the children. These are kids who look up to their parents and watch them call bids all the time. Now it’s the auctioneers’ turns to watch the kids!

Who can say no to those faces? Not the parents – the bidding soared as these young auctioneers ran the prices through the roof on these parents, who were happy to support a good cause. Note the Compass Auctions shirts on a few of the kids – some homegrown auctioneers for sure.

If you would like to get involved with auctions, or if you think your child would be a great auctioneer, give us a call! We’re always looking for new talent, and your child just may just steal the show!



You can watch this video on Youtube here, or a longer version here


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