Carriage & Buggy Auction

Carriage & Buggy Auction

EXCITING AUCTION ANNOUNCEMENT! – A lifetime collection of carriages, buggies, horse drawn equipment, harness, antiques, and appointments will find its way to the auction block on June 28, 2014 in Dayton, Tennessee.

Mr. Howard Brooks and The Bell Landing Mule Company’s collection of over 40+ carriages and buggies and all appointments which will be offered at auction, along with the very historic attic contents of the original Abel’s hardware store, some of which will include old advertising memorabilia, primitive items, antiques, and unique pieces.

Born from the love of collecting with his wife Mary and their family, the Brooks families shared interest developed into an extensive collection that span an era of over 30+ years. Compass Auctions & Real Estate, President Paige Holt, stated that this is an impressive collection that includes a variety of items and genres that will hold a great interest for everyone, there will be antiques and items from years gone by as well as items from today’s era as well. There are a number of  show and work harnesses by makers such as Smuckers, Josh Baughman, and Andrew Schrock, as well as carriage lamps, wagon wheels, parts, a horseless carriage, horse drawn equipment, and a huge variety of additional items that are sure to impress all.


Compass Auctions & Real Estate – Carriage & Buggy Auction – Abels Hardware vintage contents

The Brooke’s family has spent a lifetime cultivating a heritage of collecting items that truly show history at its finest; now they wish to share this collection with others that would like to develop and carry on the same love and appreciation for these items.

For more information about this exciting auction event you can visit the Compass Auctions & Real Estate website or contact the Chattanooga, Tennessee office 423-702-6180.


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For more information or images for this exciting auction event you can visit the Compass Auctions & Real Estate website or contact the Chattanooga, Tennessee office 423-702-6180.

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A wonderful collection of buggies, wagons and carriages  will be auctioned on Saturday, June 28 at 10 am at Upper Bottoms Farm in Dayton (near the Mark Anton airport).  This sale of the Bells Landing Mule Company’s collection includes harness, horse-drawn farm equipment, wagon wheels, carriage lanterns and more.  Through the years, Howard and Mary Brooks have acquired an extensive array of all things related to “horse and buggy days.”  The collection includes carriages that are very old, as well as some more modern mountain wagons.  There will also be a small rideable working carousel  and  other horse related items.  Also included in the auction is a wonderful assortment of primitive tables, chairs, windows, old jars, antique ledgers from Bailey Hardware, antique tin pieces, and much, much more from the upstairs of the old Abel Hardware Store in historic downtown Dayton.

From his earliest days, Howard Brooks  has always been interested in horses, hunting and field trials,  and it was when he was hunting quail in northern Mississippi that he first learned about using mules and wagons to follow the dogs through the fields.  So he bought a wagon and a set of mules and set out to learn all that he could about them.  He and his family enjoyed his first mules Kate and Nell so much that it inspired him to pursue his interest,  and he started collecting horse- drawn farm implements and used them to plow and disc his fields, reconnecting to the old fashioned ways.

That led to looking for a carriage for a family wedding, and a  buckboard for the family to ride around in, and  little by little his collection grew.  He found antique phaetons, roof seat brakes, wicker governess’ cart, a doctor’s carriage and even a surrey with the fringe on top — all of these fascinating  vehicles from a simpler time.  As his children got older, several of them also became interested and began driving carriages in horse shows, as well as for fun on the family farm.  Three generations have enjoyed driving and riding in carriages and wagons.

In 1997, his wife Mary’s aunt Kitty McDonald, then in her 80’s, decided that all of these beautiful carriages and wagons would be a great way to promote the historic charm of downtown Dayton, and she planned and organized the first Old Fashioned Christmas Parade in Dayton.  This parade was only for non-motorized vehicles and had horses, mules, walkers, bands and carolers.  A charming way to honor the tradition and history of our past, it hearkened back to a simpler time and was an instant success.  It has continued to the present and is still a favorite way to kick off the Christmas season.

After years of enjoyment, the Brooks family has decided to downsize their collection and offer these pieces of history for sale in the hope that others will enjoy these beautiful carriages and wagons as much as they have.