Chattanooga Businessman on Velocity Network

Chattanooga Auctioneer at Mecum Auto Auction


Chattanooga has a rich history of business and industry. The city once acted as the gateway to the South, and the Chattanooga Choo-Choo served as more than a fancy hotel. All railway trade travelled through this city. As a trade hub, Chattanooga attracted major manufacturers, and while the streets filled with industrial smoke, the city supported its businesses. But eventually major manufacturing plants either left the area or shut down, and Chattanooga had to regroup with the help of cleaner businesses, such as Coca-Cola, already in the area. The city cleaned its environmental image and promoted tourism – a cleaner source of revenue – with the help of Aquarium, historical attractions from the Civil War, and more. Today, Chattanooga’s business environment has birthed a new generation of niche businesses. The combination of large and small businesses gives Chattanooga a vibrant and diverse economic aura. Volkswagen, Unum, BlueCross BlueShield, and other larger companies have pumped massive amounts of resources into the local economy. EPB offers, with co-sponsors, events like the Gig Tank to award pioneers in startup businesses. The unique environment in Chattanooga and surrounding areas also allows specialty stores like Rock Creek, GreenLife, L2 Boards, and local farms to exist. The area even offers a base of operations for success nationwide entrepreneurs.

Chattanooga business owner Steve Holt will soon take his place on the podium in Kissimmee, Florida. No, he did not win a medal this time, even though he is a Tennessee State Champion. Chattanooga resident Steve Holt takes the stage at the Kissimmee Mecum Classic Car Auction to ply his talents as an auctioneer. Mr. Holt, who has been a bid caller for over twenty years, will act as a featured auctioneer for the Kissimmee auction, and will be part of Velocity Network’s telecast of the event. Starting January 18th, the Mecum auction will run for ten days and sell over 3,000 vehicles, making it one of the largest auto auctions on the planet. Velocity’s coverage will begin January 23rd and will air each day at 1:00 PM/EST and end at 9:00 PM/EST. So be sure to tune in and support one of Chattanooga’s own – Auctioneer Steve Holt.


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