Commercial Gelato Machines at Auction

Every month, Compass conducts a Restaurant Equipment & Supply Auction. These auctions feature stainless steel equipment, food warmers, ovens, beverage dispensers, and other kitchen items. However, in addition to the usual featured restaurant equipment, this month’s auction features several commercial gelato machines perfect for introducing gelato to your business.

What is Gelato?

Most people know and love ice cream, but what about gelato? Both frozen desserts contain milk, cream, and sugar, but ice cream tends to have more cream and egg yolk, while gelato uses more milk and rarely contains yolks.

Modern gelato was created in the 1600s by the Italian chef Francesco Procopio dei Coltelli. Gelato is known for its creamier and smoother taste when compared to ice cream. That’s because gelato uses less butterfat and contains about half as much air than ice cream, resulting in a denser, slightly healthier treat.

Gelato & Business

From 2009 to 2014, domestic gelato sales rose dramatically from $11 million to an estimated $214 million. The ice cream and gelato franchise sector in the U.S. was worth a combined total of more than $6 billion in 2019.

Most of the ice cream market is impulse-based. That means that consumers prefer to consume ice cream right after buying it, instead of buying some from a store to take home.

The ice cream market has shifted to include more and more healthy options in the last decade. Fortified, low-fat, healthy snack ice cream is becoming more popular, and gelato’s rising popularity is one of the biggest reasons behind this shift.

Commercial Gelato Machines at Auction

In the 1940s, an Italian engineer named Bruto Carpigiani designed and built a new kind of automatic commercial gelato machine, which was cleaner, faster, and more efficient than older models. These days, Carpigiani is one of the biggest commercial gelato machine manufacturers worldwide.

Four rolling Carpigiani commercial gelato machines will be featured in September’s Restaurant Equipment & Supply Auction. Of these four machines, one is a 15-quart gelato / ice cream batch freezer, while three are Pastomaster heat treatment machines for gelato / ice cream preparation.

You can find these commercial gelato machines and more in the upcoming Restaurant Equipment auction, which will begin to close on September 28 at 10 am ET. Check out our Auction Calendar to read more about our upcoming auctions!

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