Chattanooga, TN – Compass is proud to announce its partnership with the activities surrounding the massive renovation and revitalization of the former site of Lucey Boilers into the modern and unique Lucey Quarter community. Lucey Quarter is positioned on what will be the East Line pathway in Chattanooga, TN and will give residents access to top tier dining, retail, and recreational venues. Compass Auctions will feature numerous items from the historic Lucey Boilers (now Lucey Quarter) and Southern Spear Iron Works company that is directly tied to the work being done to bring the Lucey Quarter community to realization.

Compass comes into the project as the company selected to provide the auction services for items left from the historical Lucey Boiler facility. A wide range of items of architectural, historical, industrial, and practical use will be available at auction on December 17, 2020.

“We have made every effort to work with Sean Compton and his team to showcase items that will appeal to both the everyday and business use buyers,” says Chris Wood, General Sales Manager for Compass. “There are so many pieces that have limitless potential for use in the industrial or construction sectors, CNC manufacturing work, as well as items that can be used for enhancing homes or estates with unique objects, fixtures, and landscaping.”

Lucey Boiler was founded in 1958 and for 70 years was a vital and growing company in the Chattanooga that was known then as the “dynamo of Dixie”. Over those seven decades the company acquired a number of interesting machines for welding, fabrication, CNC, manufacturing and more. The historical value for some of the items is priceless and the immense size of others makes them incredible conversation pieces. Some of these will become centerpieces for the new Lucey Quarter community and retail venues, however, this is your chance to own a part of Chattanooga’s industrial history on December 17 starting at 12pm ET.

Compass specializes in auctions for the industrial sector, vehicles and heavy equipment, municipal and government entities, luxury goods, firearms and ammunition, and real estate. To learn more about the Lucey Quarter auction and it’s other auction opportunities, please visit or call 800-729-6466 to arrange for a tour of its facility and the Lucey Quarter and/or Southern Spear auction sites.

Southern Spear Iron Works president, Sean Compton, says this about the Lucey Quarter project, “We’re big fans of history – And here in Chattanooga, our history, our legacy, is incredible. Whether it’s abandoned railroads, or these hundred year old buildings, the remnants of our past are intriguing. Our vision is to develop modern urban spaces that honor the past, that celebrate our history, and also facilitate community as well look to the future.”