Picking Up The Pieces
These last few weeks have been rough. No doubt about it. The shut downs; the storms; the impact on family and friends; the pressure on businesses and communities… it can get overwhelming.

But across the country and here locally, we see the strength of people. In tough times, we shine. We pick ourselves up and we look for ways to help those around us.

When caught up in the everyday rat race, we can forget the simple goodness of people. We group people into convenient categories of “others.” But in trying times, somehow that all slips away. And it’s replaced by a need to reach out to each other – to look out for each other.

Call it our “better angels,” if you like. It seems like a fitting expression for the faith, love, courage and generosity we’ve witnessed in these last few weeks.

Stories That Inspire Us
Here at the office, we’ve been talking about local companies that have been pitching in to help durning the COVID/storm crisis. A lot of these companies have been struggling with their own crisis-related business challenges and yet, they’ve stepped up in a big way and focused their energies on helping others.

Restaurants have cranked up idle kitchens to feed emergency workers. Hotels have opened empty rooms to provide shelter for families. Retailers and vendors provided coats, blankets and groceries. Landscapers and tree service companies have rolled out their bobcats and chainsaws to help clear debris from roadways. And, of course, there’s the first and secondary responders who work endless hours, away from their families, in hazardous conditions — all stretched to their limits trying to keep us well, keep us safe and get our lives back on track.

Some of these stories get news coverage. Some go unreported. But they all need to be shared and recognized.

Share Your Stories or Suggest Ways We Can Help
Together, as our nation and our community faces challenges and struggles, let’s try to focus on lifting each other up. At Compass, we’d like to hear about the stories that have inspired you – stories of groups or individuals who have put aside their own troubles to help those who are sick, injured, distraught or without food and shelter.

Or maybe you know somebody who needs help themselves. Let us know. We will do everything in our power to help or to find help for those in need.

You can send stories or suggestions to us via email, give us a call or share them on our Facebook page.

In the meantime, stay safe, stay positive and, just like that Journey song, “Don’t Stop Believing.” (Now you won’t be able to get that song out of your head. You’re welcome.)

Links to businesses, agencies and organizations who are pitching in:

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