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I would like to commend the Compass Auctions & Real Estate Western Kentucky Division, specifically the Western Kentucky Division team run by: Agent, Josh Abner and Broker, Justin Ochs, for their outstanding performance in CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Both Josh Abner and Justin Ochs were so kind, caring and professional in what could have been a very trying time for me.  Even when I asked them to do something that had nothing to do with auctioning or their expertise, they would assist me or lead me in the right path. They did everything from getting the house I was selling ready, showing it prospective buyers, and finally completing it by auctioning the items that were left in there off as well.

I will never be able to repay Josh or Justin and the amazing job they did in handling every aspect of this sale.

I would recommend them and their company for any Real Estate or Auctioneer adventure they you may need.

You will NOT regret it.


Ann Marie King