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We spoke with some of the outdoor enthusiasts here at Compass Auctions to figure out what should be in a hunter’s pack. After some discussion, they agreed on the most important supplies for a hunting trip. It’s necessary to mention that every hunter’s pack will vary depending on what type of hunting they’re doing, the weather, and what kind of excursion they’re going on. Through trial and error, you will discover which items work best for you. 

Things We Keep In Our Day Hunting Pack 

Weapon and Accessories 

Your weapon is the tool of the trade. Without it, there is no hunt. Come to the hunt armed with a cross bow or a bolt action rifle to make sure you go home a winner. Remember to take plenty of arrows or ammo, too much is better than not enough. You should make sure your weapon is well maintained weeks, if not months, before you go out.  

You should also take accessories like pocketknives, binoculars, and scopes. You’re gonna need a sharp, strong knife if you want to do a good field dressing. Your binoculars will let you spot game that’s far away, and your scope will help you get an accurate shot. 

Hunting Clothing  

Technically, these things aren’t going in our pack, but when we go out for a hunt, we don’t leave home without the proper gear. Wearing specialty made hunting jackets, pants, vests, and boots will protect you from the elements and help you blend in with your surroundings. Moisture wicking socks, long underwear, and waterproof clothing add an extra layer of protection in wet and cold conditions. Plumber’s crack is a safety hazard, so it’s recommended to wear a belt.  

Survival Gear and First Aid Kit 

You don’t have to carry an entire hospital with you, but your first aid kit should hold enough supplies to fix you up in case you get injured. Some essential items include gauze, various sizes of Band-Aids, sanitizing wipes, antibacterial creams, sunscreen, aspirin, and odorless bug spray. Rubber gloves will come in handy when you are doing a field dressing. 

In case things take a turn for the worst, your survival kit should be equipped with items that will keep you alive. Your kit should include a headlamp or flashlight, portable power supply, emergency blankets, a lighter or fire starter, a multi-tool, and water purification tablets. 

Food and Water 

Make sure you pack enough food. You might even want to pack a little extra just in case you are in the wilderness longer than you expected. If you have room, pack a camping stove to rehydrate a freeze-dried meal. Instead of bringing a big supply of water, bring a bladder or flexible water bottle. You can filter water from a nearby stream using water filtration tablets or a physical water filter.   

Hunting License 

Bring your hunting license with you just in case you run into a conservation officer. Keep it in a waterproof holder to make sure it stays in good condition.  

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