FLIR Videoscope

This month, Compass is bringing a FLIR videoscope to auction as part of our August Day 1 event.

Teledyne FLIR is an American company known for making high-quality imaging and detection equipment. The VS70 videoscope is just one of FLIR’s products that uses their camera and software technology.

FLIR is actually an acronym meaning “Forward-Looking InfraRed”, reflecting FLIR’s commitment to producing next-generation video equipment.

What are Videoscopes?

The FLIR videoscope is a flexible tool also known as a borescope. These tools give users a peek inside hard-to-reach places. Flexible borescopes like the FLIR videoscope can see inside piping, tubes, and engines.

Manufacturing businesses that deal with small machine parts on a regular basis often use borescopes. These tools have many applications in the fields of automotive and aerospace engineering. Fuel injectors, nozzles, hydraulic components and other parts usually need borescopes for close inspection.

Videoscopes are also perfect for plumbing businesses. The VS70 can use cameras with different lengths and diameters that help to visualize pipes of various shapes and sizes.

Features of the VS70

Users can use the FLIR videoscope to annotate videos and even grab screenshots. You can do this without hooking up the VS70 to any other device. Use an SD card or USB to transfer recorded video to your computer.

The VS70 is IED-rated as dust-tight, waterproof for up to over 3 feet, and drop-proof for up to 6 feet. The FLIR videoscope’s rubber-enforced casing also provides it with shock resistance.

This FLIR videoscope records video at a framerate of 30 frames per second. The scope itself can record in 180-degree or 90-degree camera angles with its dual-channel camera.

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You can find the FLIR videoscope in the catalog for our August Monthly Day 1 Auction. This auction has vehicles, contractor-grade tools, industrial equipment, and more!

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