F&M Mafco at Compass Auctions

Who is F&M Mafco?

With multiple locations across the U.S., F&M Mafco is one of the largest suppliers of tools and equipment for various industries. They offer heavy rigging packages, cranes, on-site tooling, welding systems, and other specialty items that would be difficult for contractors to get from a single provider. They also sell, rent, repair, and recondition tools and equipment.

F&M Mafco at Compass Auctions

Compass Auctions has worked with the team over at Mafco for years. Since the beginning of our partnership, we have had one goal in mind – to bring you the best job completion tools and contractor grade equipment.

We bring you our best items throughout the year. Tools and equipment sourced from F&M Mafco are often available in our mid-month and day 1 auctions. Every year, we host an auction at one of F&M Mafco’s facilities featuring just their surplus tools and equipment.

Job Completion Surplus by F&M Mafco

This year, Compass is going to Carson City, NV to present the Job Completion Surplus by F&M Mafco auction. Featured items include welders, hand tools, and rigging equipment to name a few. Visit the catalog for a full list of auction items.

This is an online-only auction. All items are located in Carson City and on-site pickup is preferred. Pre-bidding is open now. The auction begins to close on September 22 @ 1pm EST/10am PST. You don’t want to miss this auction powered by Compass Auctions, so make sure you’re registered to bid for auction day!

For more information on shipping and pickup, contact a Compass Auctions team member at 800-729-6466 or info@soldoncompass.com

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