Mauser at Auction

What’s a Mauser?

Mauser is a world-renowned German firearm manufacturer known for their signature bolt-action rifles and semi-automatic pistols. The company has a rich history of making weapons for civilian and military use for more than a century of business.

Today, Mauser’s civilian firearms division is owned by its fellow German arms manufacturer, Sig Sauer.

Origins of the Brand

The company that would eventually become Mauser was founded by the German King Frederick I in 1811. Before it was a proper company, the business was known in German as the “Königliche Waffen Schmieden”, a name that means “Royal Weapons Forge”.

Everything changed with the partnership of brothers Paul and Wilhelm Mauser in the mid-1800s. The brothers spent several decades designing and perfecting firearms, most notably the Model 1871 rifle.

After decades of producing rifles and rifle parts, the brothers’ partnership grew to encompass the Royal Weapons Forge, which was renamed “Waffenfabrik Mauser” in the 1880s.

Mauser manufactured arms for the German forces for the rest of the 19th century and into the 20th century. The company’s Model 98 rifle would become the main rifle used by the German infantry in World War I.

Mauser Pistol at Auction

A Mauser-Werke HSc 9mm Kurz semi-automatic pistol is up for bidding in December’s Firearms, Ammo & Accessories Auction.

This World War II-era pistol gets its name from its designation as a Hahn Selbstspanner Pistole — meaning “self-cocking pistol”, since it’s a semi-auto firearm.

This pistol comes with a magazine with a capacity of seven bullets, and is chambered for 9mm short, also known as .380 ACP.

Pre-bidding is open for the Mauser-Werke HSc and tons of other firearms in December’s Firearms, Ammo & Accessories Auction. This auction will begin to close at noon Eastern Time on New Year’s Eve, so place your bids today!

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