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In recent years, violent crimes in the U.S. have continued to rise. According to USA Facts, there were a total of 1.3 million violent crimes in 2020 with aggravated assault being the most common offense. Self-defense weapons such as Tasers allow you to stop your attacker in their tracks so you can remove yourself from the situation and get to safety.  

Difference Between Tasers and Stun Guns 


  • Can stop an attacker from up to 15 feet away 
  • Emits an average of 50,000 volts per shot 
  • Single shot cartridge 
  • Has a trigger and barrel that resembles a traditional gun 

    Stun Guns  

    • Concealable, compact design available in the shape of everyday things such as lipsticks and key chains 
    • Protects from attackers within arm’s length 
    • Rechargeable 

      What Do Tasers Do to The Body? 

      When discharged, a Taser projects two probes connected by a wire that shoot out in different directions. This allows the probes to space out and create a larger field in the attacker’s body for the electricity to floe through. This makes it easier to immobilize the attacker. The shock causes an attacker to lose control of their voluntary muscle movement giving you time to get away. 

      People who have been tased says that it felt like bees were crawling through their skin.  

      Are Tasers Dangerous? 

      Tasers are a self-defense weapon that requires skill and accuracy. They have the potential to contribute to the death of people with pre-existing medical conditions, but on their own are non-lethal. 50,000 volts of electricity may sound scary, but it is not enough to cause cardiac issues. The human body has multiple protective measures, such as the skin and soft tissue, that surrounds muscles and organs to reduce electrical current. Also, Tasers do not produce enough amps to damage muscles, nerves, or the heart.   

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