2017 Tesab Impact Crusher

Recycling C&D Waste

Mobile impact crushers are used to recycle construction and demolition waste. Depending on the calibration of the machine, it can be used to process limestone, rock, stone, oar, and coal among other things. Impact crushers can be used in primary and secondary applications to reduce the size of raw materials to a size and shape suitable for resale. Integrating a mobile impact crusher into your equipment lineup helps you to cut costs. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), recycling C&D materials reduces project cost and can result in a tax break if the recovered material is donated to a charitable organization. Mobile impact crushers also save on transportation costs since they are used for onsite reuse of materials.

Reusing Equipment

Using equipment that is already in circulation is another great way to recycle – as well as save money. At Compass Auctions, you get access to equipment that is sourced from trustworthy consigners. The best part of buying from auction is that you pay how much you see fit for the equipment you bid on.

A 2017 Tesab Impact Crusher RK1012TS will be available in our June Day 1 auction. The auction will start at 10am ET on June 29, 2022. The catalog also includes other heavy equipment such as a 2021 Caterpillar Excavator, a 2020 JCB Telehandler, and a 2019 Volvo Excavator EC300ELR. Pre-bidding starts on June 15, 2022, at 10 am ET.


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