March of Dimes Benefit Event

The Gourmet Gala is an event hosted by the March of Dimes to raise money to support premature babies and babies with birth defects. The fundraiser happens in two parts – the golf tournament and the gala. This year at the gala, the top chefs in the Chattanooga area gathered at Track29 to prepare tasting dishes for the guests, ranging from Bruchetta Romana to Lamb Lollipops, Salmon Tartare to Crawfish en Jellie. Some dishes pushed the envelope, offering unique textural and olfactory experiences. Guests roam the room, crowding the tables to sample a piece of culinary imagination. The chefs watched attendees with anticipation, watching for the multitude of smiles and nods of approval. Cheeses from the Sequatchie Cove Farm drew the attention of every dairy fan, while the breads from Neidlov’s complemented the cheese with hearty grains and tasty sourdough. Once every guest sated his or her appetite, the benefit began.

This year, Compass Auctions & Real Estate was able to aid the March of Dimes by providing auction services at the event. Auctioneer Justin Ochs, this year’s IAC Champion,  cried the bids, calling the audience to bid for auction packages designed to give buyers the experience of a lifetime, such as a yacht party for 20 or a trip to Napa Wine Country. The crowd dove right into the event, bidding and laughing and cheering on the other bidders. The auctioneer got in on the action as well, threatening to take away a bidder’s “Man Card” if he lost the bid. Compass Auctions was able to help the March of Dimes beat their previous records for donations at auction.

Once the bidding ceased and the auctioneer thanked the crowd, the dancing began. After a quick flash mob dance, the band took the stage and guests took to the dance floor to close out the night. Everyone enjoyed this night. The guest ate, drank, and were merry. The auction company set records and enjoyed their success. But the biggest winner was the March of Dimes and the babies it supports.

If you would like to give to the March of Dimes research, please visit their Giving Page and donate. You money goes to support the next generation. Who knows? They may come to help your family some day.