miller welder xmt 350

The XMT family of Miller Welders are the most popular welders in the industry thanks to their portability and excellent arc performance. More specifically, the XMT 350 CC/CV is chosen by professionals and hobbyists for its flexibility and simplicity.

Miller Welder XMT 350 CC/CV Features

  • Auto Line Technology
    • Maintain a stable arc through voltage spikes and dips
    • Use any AC power available
    • Run more equipment on one circuit since auto-line machines draw less primary amperage
  • Reliability
    • The Wind Tunnel Technology and Fan On-Demand cooling system protects internal components of the machine from contaminants, reduces noise, and optimizes energy use.
  • Standard 14-Pin Receptacle
    • Can be used with be used with spool guns, feeders, and remote controls.

For more information on the XMT 350 CC/CV, take a look at the manufacturer’s user manual.

Miller Welder XMT 350 For Auction

Have you been looking to get an XMT 350 for your workshop? Look no further! Compass has multiple Miller Welder XMT 350s available for auction in the November mid-month day 1 auction. Pre-bidding is open now and the auction begins closing on November 16th @ 10am ET. The auction is only online.

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