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Musician, Veteran, Gunsmith: The Estate of Warren Robbe

To kick off the month of July, Compass Auctions will be presenting two auctions containing items from the estate of 50’s rockabilly star, military veteran, and gunsmith, Warren Robbe. 

Music Career 

After working in a Colorado steel mill for just a week, Robbe decided to pursue his passion for music. At the young age of 18, he jumped on stage to perform an impromptu rendition of Slim Whitman’s, “Cattle Call”. His performance caught the attention of local legends Buddy Johnson and the Colorado Rangers. His career took off and he began to travel the country with his band performing his own songs. 

He took time away from music in 1960 to serve his country. He remained in the service for two years before returning to civilian life. Robbe resumed his music career after he left the military. After spending time on the road, he retired from singing in 1974. He moved to Nashville where he continued to pen records for other artists. In an interview with a music blogger from Colorado, Robbe stated that he must have written at least 200 songs. Among those songs, “Memories to Burn”, written for country singer Gene Watson became a Top 5 Hit in 1985. 


Warren Robbe was also a craftsman in smithing and woodworking. He built firearms that he would showcase at military events. There was also a woodworking workshop in his garage where he would make chairs, bookcases, and shelving to furnish his and his family’s homes. Robbe belonged to a gun club in Nashville where he was well known for his sharpshooting. He earned first place trophies in skeet shooting and turkey shoot. He loaded his own rounds when he went skeet shooting. His performance was so impressive that the club made it a rule that no one was allowed to reload their own shells, since they believed it was the reason he was winning so much!  

The Estate of Warren Robbe Auction

Those who knew him recall him as being a jack of all trades and an overall interesting man. Robbe’s vast collection of firearms, woodworking equipment, and outdoor gear shows his range of interests. The auction of Warren Robbe’s estate will be split into two events. On July 1, the Ammo, Reloading, Fishing, & Acc. | Warren Robbe Estate auction will take place online beginning at 9am ET. Pre-bidding for the auction will start June 24 at 9am ET. The second auction is set for July 2. The Guns, Gunsmithing, Woodworking | Warren Robbe Estate auction will take place live and online and starts at 9am ET. Pre-bidding for the second auction opens on June 25 at 9am ET. There will be more items added to both catalogs throughout the next few weeks, so we encourage you to check back frequently. 

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