We would like to take a moment to celebrate the 75th anniversary of an organization that has supplied resources for the American public since World War 2. NASASP (National Association of State Agencies and Surplus Property) is an organization whose primary goal is to save taxpayers money by distributing federal surplus property to public agencies. 

Check out some of the amazing things NASASP has accomplished! 

  • A Cessna 172P used in the United States Air Force was donated to Lansing Community College located in Lansing, MI. The aircraft is being used to teach aviation engine repair classes in the Aviation Mechanics Program, which has provided job training for over 40 years. 
  • Hurricanes cause devastating levels of damage that are difficult and expensive for a state to repair on their own. In 2015, NASASP responded to Hurricane Katrina by working with state agencies and overseas partners to provide heavy equipment to help with cleanup and repairs. For 2007’s Hurricane Harvey, the NASASP sourced 226 truckloads of supplies from federal agencies and state surplus associations. 
  •  In the early 1990’s, the United States deployed troops to remove Iraqi forces from the Middle East. The government expected the conflict to be a prolonged affair, so they prepared tons of food to supplement the troops. However, the effort only took 43 days to complete! Instead of letting the food they shipped go to waste, U.S. officials reached out to a NASASP agency to get the food to people who needed it. American schools, prisons, and food banks received tens of thousands of dollars in food thanks to the NASASP’s resources. 

Compass Auctions is proud to be a sponsor of NASASP. We support their mission of reutilization and service to our nation’s citizens. We look forward to their continued success.  

Again, congratulations to our friends at NASASP!