Smith & Wesson Model – M&P 40
Smith & Wesson Model – M&P 40

Expanding Solutions
As one of the most established auction marketplaces in the region, Compass has built a reputation for providing fast, stress-free ways for sellers to move inventory — from vehicles to heavy equipment; luxury goods to real estate; industrial surplus to firearms.

Over the years, Compass has always put a premium on solution-oriented innovation. So it wasn’t too surprising when, yesterday morning, the company announced the launch of their new “Buy-It-Now” Pop-Up Store.

According to company president Paige Holt, the Compass team worked late into the night — finalizing store design and cataloging fresh inventory — to ensure that the new pop-up store experience would meet the same high standards provided by the Compass auction experience.

“We love the simplicity — and the action — that auctions give buyers and sellers,” says Holt. “We didn’t want to interfere with that. So when creating the pop-up store, we focused on a buy-it-now solution that seamlessly complemented our existing auction solutions.”

This week, the Compass Buy-It-Now Pop-Up Store will feature a great selection of custom firearms and ammo. Compass Firearms Director Miller Haynes says that, with firearms in such high demand, connecting gun buyers and gun sellers is something that most companies just can’t do efficiently right now.

“We have a great partnership with DOD (Dawn of Defense) Firearms,” Haynes says. “They make a super-high-quality product that has only recently become available to the public. So, Compass is able to use a mix of auction and buy-it-now strategies to connect them to a national audience at a time when they need it most.”

On Saturday, March 28, the remaining store inventory will be added to the Firearms Auction — and completely new inventory (TBA) will rotate into the store.

Quick Note: Buying Guns Online
This week, the Compass Buy-It-Now Pop-Up Store will focus on all things gun and ammo related. While buyers will enjoy the ability to immediately secure gun purchases in the online store environment, they will still need to complete a background check and follow all state/federal laws regarding the final purchase and transfer of firearms.

Along with Dawn of Defense Firearms, buyers will find other top brands in the store and in Compass’ upcoming auctions (see auction schedule for details)

Looking Forward
At some point in the near future, Compass has plans to expand its buy-it-now solutions to other sales categories.

According to Holt, the new store concept will offer clients/consignors more flexible sales solutions while continuing to provide their regular auction buyers with the unmatched values that they’ve come to expect.

“At the end of the day, we’re all about giving sellers more ways to reach more buyers.” Holt says. “We’re a solutions company. That’s what we do.”

List of Top Firearms Brands Featured (Currently or Coming Soon):
Sig Sauer; Smith & Wesson; Winchester; Glock; Colt; Ruger; Mossberg; Browning; Remington; Beretta; Taurus; Benelli; Springfield; Walther; Henry; Kimber; Savage; Bushmaster; Kel-Tec;  and others.

List of Top Ammo Brands Featured (Currently or Coming Soon):
Aguila; Armscor; Barnes; Brown Bear; CCI; CCIS, Federal; Fiocchi; Golden Bear; Hornady; Magtech; MBI; NobelSport; Nosler; PMC; Prvi Partizan; Remington; Rio Royal; Sellier & Bellot; Silver Bear; Speer; Tula; Winchester; Wolf; and others.

Contact Info:
Miller Haynes, Director of Firearms Sales

Link to Buy-It-Now Pop-Up Store
Link to Auction Schedules and Catalogs