Paddle Battle is an 1973 arcade game produced by Allied Leisure Industries. The game is very similar to the 1972 Atari game Pong, where two players battle in a game of virtual table tennis.
Compass is currently a great place to find old games. Our auctions over the past year have included everything from flight sims to vintage pinball machines. Previous auctions have also featured other 8-bit games like Paddle Battle that come in classic 80s and 90s arcade cabinets.
Compass is bringing a vintage Paddle Battle arcade cabinet to auction for Day 1 of our August Monthly Auction. Check out our Auction Calendar for more details on upcoming auctions. If you’re an avid gamer, or if you’re interested in selling off an old game that you own (or an entire store room full of them), contact Compass today! Email or call 800-729-6466 for more info.