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The Roadrunner is an electronically beefed up six door, 4×4 Ford E350 Super Duty that was used as a mobile communications post in the presidential motorcade. The E350 Super Duty we have in June Day 1 on 6/29/22 is that same model. While we cannot confirm nor deny that this was ever used by a Presidential detail, usually after these vehicles are removed from service, they are repurposed by another branch of government, so it’s safe to say that this might just be the coolest thing we have for auction this month.  

The Motorcade  

The presidential motorcade could possibly be the most sophisticated assembly of vehicles on the road. From the logistics to order of the procession and the street maneuvers, it is a well-oiled machine. The personnel chosen to aide in transporting the president includes a slew of secret service agents and law enforcement officers, the president’s personal doctor, an ambulance, the press, and many others. The motorcade is basically the White House on wheels. Roadrunner tails the motorcade. The full procession is as follows:  


The motorcade is led by a route car and a pilot car that runs ahead of the motorcade to make sure the route is clear. Sweepers are generally a fleet of motorcycle police that maintain the speed of the procession. The lead car works as a buffer and guide for the entire formation. There are three identical presidential limousines: spare 1, spare 2 and the stagecoach (you may know the stagecoach as “The Beast”). One of them carries the president while the other two act as decoys.  

Did you know there was a supply of the president’s blood type on board the stagecoach just in case he needs a transfusion? 


The middle boasts a fleet of specially trained secret service. Halfback is the first backup car and usually has an armed secret service agent sitting in the open tailgate window. The ECM, codename Watchtower, jams communications and detonation devices. It can also detect incoming projectiles. The support vehicles transport other important people such as the president’s doctor and parts of the president’s cabinet. The control vehicle carries military aid that would assist the Commander in Chief during a major military incident. Secret service agents in CAT vehicles are trained for combat and are heavily armed and armored.  

If it came down to it, the president could activate the nuclear football from the control vehicle. 


Low-profile personnel are in the back. Agents in the ID car work with local police and surveillance units to identify threats before they occur. A hazmat unit is on scene just in case things get bad. White House press members also ride in the back. Roadrunner, our favorite, is next in line. An ambulance follows should anyone need medical assistance. Lastly, a rear guard protects the flank of the motorcade. 

Presidential Modifications 

Mobile command vehicles became an integral part of the motorcade procession back in 1986. Originally, Chevy Silverados were the chosen SUVs for the job. It wasn’t until 2018 that the Ford E350 was used. The White House Communications Agency (WHCA) modified base model Super Duty vans to accommodate the needs of the president. And voila, Roadrunner was born.  (Please note that any modifications done to the van in June Day 1 were removed after it left government/municipal service).

In addition to coming equipped with enough electricity to light up the neighborhood, Roadrunner was also equipped with communications systems that would make a NASA command center jealous!Through the Pentagon’s network of satellites, Roadrunner provided the motorcade with encrypted voice, internet, and video communications. A dome shaped antenna and multiple whip antennas kept the president’s detail connected to the Pentagon and the White House. Roadrunner was also equipped with technology to defend against radio frequency, electromagnetic, and heat attacks. Radar technology enabled it to detect incoming projectiles and drones.  

June Day 1 Auction 

Who knew an average Ford transport van had so much potential? And could you imagine being the person operating all that equipment knowing that if you missed a notification, you could be jeopardizing the commander in chief…talk about pressure! Luckily you don’t have to learn AM radio to get your hands on this piece of American history. While we can neither confirm nor deny where our Roadrunner was consigned from, we can promise that this would make a great addition for over the road operations fleets or security companies looking for a mobile command center. 

The Ford E350 Roadrunner will be included in our June Day 1 auction. The auction also features different models of used cars and over 10 pieces of heavy equipment including excavators and paving equipment. Visit the catalog to view all of the items in the auction. Pre-bidding is open now and the auction starts on June 29 @ 10am ET.

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