Electronics & The Environment

About 40 million tons of electronic waste is thrown away each year worldwide. That amounts to about 800 laptops thrown away every second.

On the flipside, the energy saved by recycling a million laptops would be equal to the energy used by 3,600 U.S. homes in an entire year.

There’s plenty of ways to get rid of used and unwanted electronics without adding to a landfill. Devices like laptops can be used and re-used for years before reaching the end of their lifespan.

Once a device has reached its limits, think twice before throwing it away! Compass can help to ensure that your device lives out more of its potential use while adding to your bottom line.

Just make sure to reset your device back to its factory settings or remove the hard drive, then contact Compass to see how our consignment services can get your device to a new user.

You never know — there’s almost definitely somebody out there who could benefit from using a device you no longer want. Consign with us today for some extra cash while helping to cut down on the number of toxic batteries that get thrown into landfills.

Laptops at Auction

A selection of laptops from brands like Acer, Dell, Samsung, Asus, and more can be found in January’s IT & Office Equipment Auction at Compass.

You can also regularly find TVs, network equipment, office furniture, décor, and more in our IT & Office Equipment Auctions.

Be sure to keep checking back on our catalogs for updates on new additions to the lot listings.

Registration & Pre-Bidding Available

January’s IT & Office Equipment Auction is currently open for registration and pre-bidding! Visit our catalog page to view our selection of laptops, TVs, office furniture, cameras, and more.

If you’re trying to sell electronics or office equipment, Compass can make it happen within 30 days. All you have to do is contact our office to get started.

You can read more about how Compass helps bidders re-use electronics in this article on stopping e-waste.

To learn more about all our current and upcoming auctions, visit our Auction Calendar page.

For more information, email us at Info@SoldOnCompass.com or call 800-729-6466.