Law Enforcement Auction

Did you know that Tennessee is home to over 340 municipalities and over 540 towns? Did you also know that municipalities are welcome to an exclusive auction conducted by Compass?

Exclusively for Law Enforcement

On September 8th, Compass is conducting an exclusive Law Enforcement Auction. Only municipalities and law enforcement officials are welcome to bid in this auction. Bidders must give Compass valid documentation before approval. You can send your documentation to us by email, fax, or in-person at our facility.

This auction will not be open to the public, but other Compass auctions also feature law enforcement surplus. Property, vehicles, firearms, and other items seized by law enforcement can appear in our other auctions.

If you don’t have the documentation needed to bid in this auction, don’t worry! Check out our Auction Calendar to see a list of our upcoming public auctions for the next few months.

Compass & Law Enforcement

Compass is proud of its relationships with local, state, and federal governments. Our partners include law enforcement agencies, counties, municipalities, and federal entities like the U.S. Marshals Service.

If your department is changing equipment, consignment can be a great way to sell off old items with minimal hassle. This auction will feature plenty of items, parts, and equipment that your department can put to good use. This month’s selection includes light bars, plexiglass dividers, wiretaps, and more.

Our Auction Calendar features these auctions whenever enough surplus is available. Compass hopes to hold these auctions on a more frequent basis in the near future.

Register & Bid Today!

September’s Law Enforcement Auction will begin to close on the 8th at 10 am ET. Don’t miss out on your chance to bid on these items in an auction available only to the law enforcement community and municipalities!

For more information, email or call (800) 729-6466.