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Sig Sauer vs Glock has been a hot topic in the gun community for years. At this point, the discussion is as popular as Apple vs Android. The guns made by both brands are pretty similar, so if you’re new to gun ownership, you might wonder which one’s for you. This guide gives you a quick history of the Sig Sauer and Glock brands. We’ll also look at features from two of the most popular guns from each brand – the Sig P320 and the Glock 19.

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Sig Sauer

Sig Sauer has been making guns since 1976 and is known today as one of the leading manufacturers of small arms. In addition to its aesthetic steel frame and body, Sig pistols are known for their lower recoil and quick follow-up shots. The US Army has been using Sig Sauer since 2017.


Glock was founded in Austria in the early 1980s by an engineer, Gaston Glock, who began manufacturing handguns for the Austrian Armed Forces. The polymer 2 material of Glock pistols enhances durability and makes them lightweight, easily concealable, and less expensive than Sig pistols. Glock pistols are now the go-to weapon for American law enforcement.

To better understand the reasons that would make you choose one brand over the other, you would need to consider a specific model from each brand. The Sig Sauer P320 Compact and the Glock 19 are two of the most popular firearms available today.

Sig P320 Compact v. Glock 19

Sig Sauer P320 Compact vs. Glock 19

The Sig P320 is known for shooting straight right out of the box. It also has a lot of customization options including trigger groups, firearms and slides, and firing mechanisms. The modular features are more useful during military deployment and may not be something you’d need for everyday carry. Also, the P320 is more expensive than the Glock 19.

The Verdict

So which pistol reigns supreme in the battle of Sig v Glock? Well, it depends on what you want from your gun. If you want a larger gun with a traditional metal texture and unique aesthetic – a Sig Sauer is for you. If you’re looking for a gun that’s the opposite – inexpensive, concealable, and no-frills – you should look into purchasing a Glock. Or if you’re anything like me, you’d get both, especially since our upcoming firearms auction makes it easy and affordable to do so.

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