Chances are you keep a multitool on you just in case you run into an unexpected situation. Multitools come with a variety of tools making them handy in all sorts of situations. Skid steers serve the same purpose on landscape and construction job sites.

Skid steers are versatile, agile, and cost-effective machines. They are manufactured in 3 different sizes with the largest producing 70HP and lifting over 2 tons. Smaller framed skid steers can reach speeds of up to 12 mph. Operators can maneuver these machines in narrow spaces, perform very sharp turns, and rotate in tight spaces. Purchasing a skid steer can yield a higher return on investment.

For projects with a tight budget, skid steers are a great option thanks to their lower maintenance, fuel, and transportation costs. The versatility of these machines allows you to get more use out of a single piece of equipment. Machines with specific functions, like excavators and dozers, can only do one or two things. Skid steers can be paired with attachments that allow you to use them in different ways around your jobsite.

Check out this list of attachments available in the July Day 1 auction.


Tillers – used to prepare seedbeds for planting

Brush Cutter – used to devour thick brush and small trees

Rock & Brush Grapple – an open bottom grapple used to carry rocks, logs, or piles of concrete and sift smaller dirt and debris

Augers – used to easily drill holes for trees, footings, and fences


Vibratory Roller – used for soil compaction for roads and job sites prior to laying asphalt or foundation

Hydraulic Breaker – used to break through concrete, rock, and asphalt for road repair and demolition jobs

Backhoes – used for landscaping or light construction to grapple, dig, and move materials around the jobsite

Are you looking to purchase a skid steer for your next job? The July Day 1 auction is the place to be! We’ll have a bunch of skid steers available including a 2018 CAT 289D Skid Steer and 2013 Takeuchi Skid Steer TL230. The catalog also features over 20 attachments to upgrade your new machine. The auction is scheduled for July 27th @ 10am ET. Pre-bidding is open now! There will also be more than 30 lots of heavy equipment on the block. Visit the catalog to view the full auction lineup.

We’ll be adding more items to the catalog over the next few weeks, so check back soon.

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