Coins, Jewelry, & Collectibles Auction

The human habit of collecting things dates back to the beginning of written history. People in every culture, in every era, have always found and kept things they enjoy. It’s a hobby, a pastime, an act of expression — and, most of all, it’s fun!

Some of the world’s biggest collections number in the hundreds of thousands to millions of unique items. Individual people collect things, but so do institutions like museums and nonprofits. There’s just something about curating a selection of items that’s universally enjoyable.

Collecting Gems

It makes sense that people have collected gemstones for as long as they have. Gemstones are often shiny, colorful, and evoke a sense of natural beauty in a way few other things do.

In the past, gemstones were often collected for use in royal jewelry worn by nobility. The widespread nature of gemstone collecting as a hobby is directly linked to the development of gem appraisal.

As science has progressed, appraisers can now evaluate gems on a molecular level. Things like color and sheen are still important qualities of gems, but lab certification has taken gem collection to a whole new level.

If you own an old heirloom or an unappraised gem or piece of jewelry, you may want to check its value to see what it’s really worth. You never know — a valuable collectible may be sitting in a drawer when it could be put to use for your financial well-being.

Collecting Currency

Did you know that the United Nations recognizes 180 different currencies? Currency can come in many different forms, like banknotes made of paper, cotton, or polymer. Most currencies also come in the form of metal coins.

Sometimes limited-edition currency with special designs are produced, instantly becoming collector’s items. For example, there are special quarter designs made to commemorate each of America’s 50 states. Coin collections are often more valuable than the sum of each individual coin’s value.

There’s also a banknote or coin’s age to consider when putting together a currency collection. The U.S. officially issued its first one-dollar bill all the way back in 1862, during the Civil War. Old dollars in good condition are worth hundreds — sometimes thousands — in today’s dollars, thanks to their age and rarity.

Collecting Comics

Comic books stand out as a highly collectible medium of entertainment. Unlike other physical media like DVDs or CDs, comic books debut at a rate of one comic per month for a given series.

Most people are familiar with the “Big Two” comic book publishers, Marvel and DC. Currently, Marvel has 57 ongoing and limited series, while DC has 46. That’s over a hundred new comics each month, and that’s not even going into other big publishers like Valiant or Dark Horse!

The Golden Age of Comic Books began over eighty years ago during the 1930s, arguably beginning with the launch of Superman in 1938. It’s hard to estimate how many comics have been published since then — big publishers alone have catalogs to the tune of tens of thousands of comics.

Collecting with Compass

Each month, Compass conducts a Coins, Jewelry, & Collectibles Auction. These auctions regularly feature gemstones, jewelry, foreign and antique currency, and other collectibles.

September’s Coins, Jewelry, & Collectibles Auction also features over 300 comic books, including some early Marvel and Star Wars comic books in good condition. This auction will start to close at 6 pm ET on September 20, so don’t miss out! Check out our Auction Calendar for more info on upcoming auctions at Compass.

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