August Day 2

Did you know that over the last two decades, yearly sales of building materials in the U.S. have amounted to nearly $1,000 per person?

If you’ve been looking for building materials, you can trust Compass to offer a reliable supply at public auction. Every 30 days Compass conducts Monthly Auctions with an industrial focus, with auction catalogs featuring building materials in addition to vehicles, tools, appliances, and more.

Building Materials Today

Right now, America has the most authorized, unbuilt houses it’s had in over two decades. The price of new building materials has generally increased over the past year. It makes sense that materials like lumber have been in greater demand, since nearly nine in ten American homes have wood framing.

Residential construction investment has grown by double digits since last year. As buildings continue to go up daily across America, it may take some time for the pricing of building materials to re-stabilize.

Building in Hurricane Season

The Atlantic Hurricane season ramps up in August before peaking in September. you can expect most kinds of building materials to be more difficult to come by, especially toward the Gulf.

Hurricanes and tropical storms can cause damages that take months to calculate and years to rebuild. These storms can also cause the price of building materials to skyrocket thanks to increased demand. After Hurricane Harvey in 2017, buyers searched for steel building suppliers 17 times as often as they did pre-Harvey. This is just one factor of post-storm price increases that often happen after disasters like this.

Building materials can also help to prevent damage done during tropical storms and hurricanes. New buildings can be designed and built to resist high winds and flying debris. Other structures like levees and sea walls can also help reduce storm damage.

How Auctions Can Help

Compass’ auctions provide a beneficial service for both buyers and sellers. Our professional staff takes care of the marketing and sale of your items so you don’t have to.

At our auctions, bidders can enjoy the possibility of purchasing like-new building materials at a lower price than their cost new, and consignors can enjoy the spare time gained by letting Compass handle the sale.

When you place the winning bid on one of our lots, all you have to do is pay and pick it up! Our upcoming Day 2 Monthly Auction starts to close on Thursday at 10 am ET, so don’t miss out!

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