Last time I checked, AAA reported the national average of diesel fuel costs at $5.54/gallon. That’s a 63% increase from last year. Government officials are working to initiate policies to alleviate inflated gas prices. Until that happens, it’s up to foremen and operators to monitor their own fuel costs. AS part of the Compass family, you know that we wouldn’t leave you hanging. We did some research and found 4 things you should be doing to cut back on fuel costs. 

In Context: It would cost $934.04 to fill this 2015 Kobelco SK500LC Excavator at the current fuel prices! 

Limit Idle Times – reduce the amount of time your machine is running when it is not in use.  

  • If you have an older engine, restrict idle at shut off to two minutes.  
  • Turn off equipment during lunch and breaks 
  • Keep morning warmups under five minutes 

Experts say that idle time accounts for up to 50% of total running time.  

Follow Maintenance Schedules – just like your personal vehicle, consistent maintenance will greatly benefit the long-term health of heavy equipment 

  • Fuel economy is affected by things such as blocked air filters, improperly working thermostats, oil filters, and engine liming 
  • Tire pressure should be inflated to the correct PSI and tracks should be adjusted to the proper tension 
  • Check blade edges and rounded bucket teeth on a regular basis. Dull blades or bucket teeth have more resistance causing the machine to work harder  

Train Operators – good crew is hard to find, but if you take the time to train operators the right way, you will improve employee loyalty and retention while attracting new workers.  

  • Train operators to avoid quick acceleration, hard breaking, excessive engine revving, and speeding 
  • Streamline communication processes between teams to eliminate employee down time and unnecessary equipment use 
  • Make sure operators know how to position the equipment in a place where it will be the most productive with minimal movement 

CAT reports that a skilled operator can use 10-12% less fuel every day than an unskilled one. 

Select The Right Machine for The Job –   

  • Bigger machines use more fuel, so make sure you aren’t using a machine that is bigger than necessary.   
  • On that same note, make sure the equipment you are using is capable of the workload you are putting on it. Overworking a machine can lead to higher fuel costs and costly repair bills.  
  • Consider adding versatile equipment to your job site to achieve lower, more consistent fuel costs. Skid steers like this 2018 CAT 289D Skid Steer are a great choice for construction and landscaping job sites looking to downsize their equipment. 

If none of these adjustments work for you and your machine continues to guzzle fuel, don’t get frustrated! Get a new machine!  

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