Volvo EC300EL

The June Day 1 auction will feature two 2019 Volvo EC300 model excavators both with low hours and features that will make them the favorite piece of equipment on your job site. The EC300 ELR has 346 hours and the EC300EL has 788 hours. The ELR trim has a long reach, and the EL trim has a standard reach. Volvo heavy equipment models are known for their comfort, fuel efficiency, and productivity.


Volvo’s Care Cab was designed to make the cab of the excavator truly feel like an outdoor office. The operator’s controls are designed and positioned to reduce discomfort and maximize efficiency. There is a hot key that allows the operator to save settings for the camera, air conditioning, and lights. Another short cut key can be found on the joystick and is used to control the windshield wipers, audio mute, and camera functions. The cab is also outfitted with a non-glare 8” LCD screen and Bluetooth capabilities for hands free convenience.  

Fuel Efficiency 

With the rising cost of fuel prices, new equipment must be fuel efficient in order to produce a high return on investment. Volvo excavators are equipped with multiple features that optimize fuel efficiency. Volvo EC300 model excavators also have an ECO mode that they are set to by default. This mode can be turned off, but it does not reduce the performance of the machine and reduces fuel consumption.  Another feature of the excavators is the ability for the operator to choose a work mode based on the job they are doing. This allows the machine to exert the required amount of energy without going overboard. Fuel consumption can be monitored using the eco-gauge displayed on the cab’s LCD screen. 


Volvo excavators are built for performance. EC300 models are engineered for quicker cycle times and tough work conditions. The full electro-hydraulic control system and high pump flow work together to produce quicker response and cycle times. Operators are in full control thanks to the Volvo Active Control functions. Boom and bucket movements are more precise which makes digging faster. There is also a SmartView camera that provides a live overhead view of the machine resulting in safer rotations. If you are interested in switching attachments, you can do it quickly from the comfort of the excavator’s cab with assistance from the built-in attachment management system. “The rule of thumb on excavators, cycle time is king,” says Chris Wood, Compass general sales manager, “to maximize performance, you want to make sure you are getting as fast of cycles as you can get. With these Volvo control functions you can really optimize your time.” 

You can view the Volvo EC300ELR and the Volve EC300EL in the June Monthly Auction Day 1 catalog. The auction kicks off on June 29, 2022, at 10am ET, and pre-bidding opens online on 6/15/22 at 10am ET. 

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