Black Friday Firearms Auction

7Get Ready for Our Black Friday Firearms Auction!

Pre-bidding is currently open for a special Black Friday Firearms, Ammo & Accessories Auction at Compass. This online-only auction will feature a selection of firearms and other products from private consignors and Chattanooga Shooting Supplies, and will include goods from the Ronnie Dodd Collection. More information about the Dodd Collection can be found here.

This Black Friday Firearms Auction will begin to close on Nov. 26 at 6 pm Eastern Time. The auction will be followed-up by the final auction of November’s Auction Week; an even bigger Firearms, Ammo & Accessories Auction that will start to close the following day, Nov. 25, at noon Eastern Time.

You can find more information about both the Black Friday Firearms Auction and the following Firearms, Ammo & Accessories Auction at Visit our Auction Calendar page to learn more about all of our current and upcoming auctions.

About Compass Auctions & Real Estate

Founded in 2010 and constantly growing, Compass is known for its weekly auctions working with corporations, municipalities, federal entities, and individual consignors, and for its hybrid auction platform for live and online bidding focusing on five primary categories: municipal surplus, vehicles, luxury goods, firearms, and real estate.