Mid-Month Auctions

Used Car Shortage

The pains of inflation can be felt in every industry. Carfax accredits the pandemic for the global shortage of microchips that has caused a cut in production for car manufacturers. Consumers are having to compromise their expectations when they get to the lot. The short supply of new cars has consumers fighting for the best deal, which Edmunds reported is proving to be difficult since used cars are being priced 30% higher than they were a year ago. Not only will you end up paying more than you intended, but you may also not even get the car that you want! Instead of going to the lot with a specific year, make, and model, experts are recommending that you approach the car buying process with an open mind and general idea of what you want.

Mid-month Auction

Purchasing a vehicle at auction does two things; makes sure you get what you want and makes sure you pay how much you want. The June Mid-Month Day 1 auction will be held online on June 15, 2022, at 10am ET. View the catalog to see a list of cars we have available. It’s okay if you don’t see anything you like this time around. We have other auctions throughout the month that also include used cars such as our end of month day 1 auction. Take a look at the auction calendar to find out when we will have our next vehicles auction.


Could you provide some relief to this used car crisis? We can help you get rid of that van, sedan, SUV, or coupe. At Compass Auctions & Real Estate, we offer a concierge level of service to help you sell your vehicles. If you have one to sell, give us a call at 800-729-6466 to schedule a time for us to discuss your goals.   

Registering & Bidding   

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  1. Make sure you are registered to bid with Compass Auctions & Real Estate, so you are ready to go on auction day. Not sure how to register? Check out our Auction Crash Course.  
  2. Take a look at the auction calendar to find out when pre-bidding starts. Learn how to bid in our Auction Crash Course.   
  3. Happy bidding!  

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